Are you a mom in training?


Search for blogging tips on Google and you'll discover pages upon pages of results. A lot of them are bad advice and others are copying everyone else and passing it off as their own.

How do I find blogging advice without getting scammed?

It takes time to learn to be able to identify the fakes.

I've compiled a list of the best resources I've personally worked with and have taken out the guesswork for you! As I come across new resources, I'll be adding them here so you can always have a page to refer to if you ever have a question!

{Disclosure: To be completely transparent, some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. Please understand that I recommend these tools and companies because I trust them, not because of the small commissions I may make if you decide to buy something. Please don't spend any money on these items unless you feel they will help you. Thank you for supporting A Mom In Training!}

Website Hosting

Back in the day when I was a newbie blogger, I was taught by my favorite blogger dude to immediately use a hosting service like BlueHost right away. I didn't know why, but I quickly learned that once I got BlueHost, I had complete control over my blog. These guys make it so simple to set your blog up for a successful start right off the bat. They are affordable ($3.95 a month!) and their customer service is unlike any other -- online chat 24/7? Yes please. In fact, if you sign up for BlueHost through my link, you'll receive a FREE domain name (a $15 value) if you select a minimum of 12 months of hosting!


The Genesis Framework
It's no wonder so many WordPress bloggers use the Genesis Framework to run their sites... it's super easy. They take the pain and confusion away from the operation and security of your site. Think of it as the frame of your car. Strong, sturdy, and built to last (A Mom In Training runs on the Genesis Framework!). It costs about $60 to purchase and is good to use on any and every WordPress site you own (great for multiple websites or blogs you maintain!). They also have a ton of tutorials that are easy to follow, and a vast selection of child themes (I'm using the Style Theme by restored316designs).

Style Theme by
This is the child theme I'm using on A Mom In Training. If the Genesis Framework is the frame of your car, a child theme is the paint job. For around $50, you get access to multiple templates, downloadable graphics, thorough and easy to follow tutorials for setting it up, and an excellent, easy on the eyes layout.

Top 10 Most Popular Child Themes on Restored 316 Designs:

  1. Dainty Theme
  2. Bloom Theme
  3. Divine Theme
  4. Novelty Theme
  5. Faithful Theme
  6. Style Theme
  7. Darling Theme
  8. Blossom Theme
  9. Sprinkle Theme
  10. Adorn Theme

Newsletter Services

Think of this like Gmail on steroids. I've used AWeber because a TON of my bloggy friends loved it and I can see why! In fact, AWeber even has a free guide that teaches you how to create sign up forms, create content for your emails, collect new subscribers, automate your emails, and measure your email performance. Pretty neat right? You can take a peek at the guide right here.

If you wanna try AWeber for free, just input your info below and they'll send you SUPER detailed info that pretty much answers ALL your questions about email marketing. I heart them!

Email marketing made easy.

Want to get an email marketing campaign up and
running in minutes? AWeber can help.

Powered by AWeber

This is another really popular email service provider that a lot of my bloggy friends love to use! I actually run a newsletter for another blog I run with this service and they're super easy to use.


Building A Framework: Everything I Learned My First Year of Blogging

Building A FrameworkIf there's one thing you take away from this page, I hope it would be this book by Abby Lawson. If I could be friends with her IRL (in real life), I think I'd die. Abby started out blogging just a few years ago {and was realllllly shy about it} when she suddenly realized that she could replace her family's income with it!

Her book, Building A Framework, goes into so much detail about everything she knows about blogging, from how she got started to where she is now (currently making over $20,000 a month. Not kidding.). Click here to see a preview of her chapters!



Scheduled Balance: A Survival Guide for Busy Mompreneurs

Vicky is a personal friend of mine who I actually met through Instagram (ha!). When she came out with her book, Scheduled Balance, I KNEW she was going to blow everyone out of the water with her knowledge! She shares specific tactics about how to start your day right, schedule your time around your children, and how to actually get things done without sacrificing what's important to you. She is brilliant!

Click here to see her survival guide!


Thinking of starting a blog?

Sign up for the Blog Challenge!
You'll have a blog you can be proud of up and running in just 7 days! And the best part? It's FREE.

how to start a blog


Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing
I admit that at first I was hesitant to take Michelle's course because it just seemed to good to be true. I mean, $50,000 a month?? That's a bit absurd... but I took the plunge and was amazed at the results I was seeing!

how do bloggers make money






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